31 North 62 East Review

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The Prime Minister of Britain is accused of betraying the location of an elite SAS unit for political gain.


Having exposed the contamination of in-flight air in the documentary Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines, Tristan Loraine turns his attention to the dirtiness of warfare in this thuddingly boorish thriller. Stuffed with plot but bereft of characterisation, the wilfully obscure action hurtles along, as Heather Peace seeks to divulge how prime minister John Rhys-Davies sold out her soldier sister in Afghanistan to save a vote-winning £80 billion arms deal.

The overriding tone is that of a bargain-basement ’70s actioner, right down to the risible songs on the soundtrack. The cast struggles with the tired dialogue, while the ease with which the conspiracy collapses is frankly incredible.

Messy and curiously dated in tone. This fails to make you care about the convoluted plot, with ill-drawn characters.