1 Day Review

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Drug dealer Flash has to come up with 100 grand to appease a convicted felon due for parole and on the warpath.


Mischief Night writer-director Penny Woolcock turns her attentions to black Birmingham gangs in what purports to be Britain’s first hip-hop musical. In fact, 1 Day is a jumble of genres in which the characters occasionally break into rap numbers.

On paper, it reads like a street-smart thriller: drug dealer Flash (Dylan Duffus) has one day to come up with 100 bags (thousands) of scrilla (cash) or newly released convict Angel will lick his head off (kill him). It’s hard to care, though: there’s little sense of urgency as Flash ambles around doing deals. The scenarios feel authentic, but lacklustre musical numbers and humdrum dialogue mean this is far less characterful than Woolcock’s other work.

This doesn't quite manage to be either a gritty musical or a convincing thriller, although the atmosphere is well-captured.