X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse Review

Image for X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse

Players can now control the darker mutants as well. In a word: cool.


Essentially the same game as last October’s X-Men love-in, Rise Of Apocalypse could be criticised for failing to develop the series’ compelling blend of RPG-style character development and frenetic fisticuffs. But in allowing players to take control of Magneto’s shadowy Brotherhood in addition to the regular X-gang, this latest edition will once again charm devotees of Marvel’s inky heroes.

The ability to mix and match X-Men and Brotherhood brawlers allows players to create mutant dream teams and tackle enemies in completely different ways, the long-time rivalry between the factions also peppering the story with amusing moments as sworn enemies trade barbs and wisecracks in the heat of battle. The environments are also more varied and complex than before, the immersive worlds littered with familiar X-faces that pop up in frequent cameos and make the adventure feel like a natural extension of the Marvel mythos.

But Rise Of Apocalypse’s biggest thrills are to be found in the new online mode, where you can hook up with three other players from around the globe for team-based trawls through the expansive levels, or even go head-to-head for a bout of remote mutant mashing.