Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Review

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Fewer features but some interesting tweaks, changing the experience


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… a 360 game from Electronic Arts that ditches many features that appeared in the recent Xbox and PS2 editions, leaving behind a rather dull and stripped-down version of a game you probably already own. But while EA’s Madden and NFL games are simply unforgivable, at least World Tour 06 brings a greater sense of challenge to Tiger’s 360 debut.

While superhuman shots and holes-in-one are common in the current-generation version, World Tour 06 on the 360 presents a higher difficulty curve as the sensitivity of the controller has been tweaked and made more difficult to master. Moreover, the spin- and power-boost controls are now executed with the left trigger, a fiddly set-up that makes it much harder to pull-off the perfect backswing every time you play a shot.

Morally, releasing a game at a higher price tag that boasts fewer features than its cheaper current-generation counterparts is objectionable, but at least Tiger Woods goes some way to offering golf fans a more realistic, compelling and demanding simulation.