Street Fighter X Tekken Review

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Street Fighter Vs. The World


Having thrown down the gauntlet to King Of Fighters, X-Men and pretty much every Lycra-clad hero from Marvel’s comicbook roster, Capcom has already proved that Street Fighter is the most pugnacious bruiser in gaming history. And not content to rest on their laurels, Ryu and the gang are now adding Tekken to their ever-growing list of rivals.

Blending the 2D battles of Street Fighter with Tekken’s tag system and manual throws – and featuring the most beloved brawlers from each franchise – Street Fighter X Tekken is a lightning-paced, silky smooth and complex fighting game that’ll feel familiar to fans of both series, yet offers a fresh take on well-trodden fighting conventions.

Unlike most tag team fighters, if a single combatant is felled in battle your crew loses the round, challenging players to treat their squad as a single unit and use fighters in conjunction to unleash extravagant combos, all while keeping a close eye on the energy bar so that you can beat a hasty retreat when it dwindles dangerously close to zero.

Exciting new elements such as the Pandora mode – where you’ve given 10 seconds to defeat your opponent or face harsh consequences – and special Gems that are earned during bouts to boost your attack and defensive powers add a fresh layer of strategy to the action, making Street Fighter X Tekken feel like a new brawling experience despite its famous heritage. But what’s most impressive about this explosive package are the basic fighting moves that are easy to pick up but a challenge to master, an approach that welcomes newbies and rewards experienced players with the patience to learn the most complicated strikes.