Starship Troopers Review

Image for Starship Troopers

Verhoeven's bug-blasting satire brought vividly to life.


Despite Starship Troopers’ visceral action and cheesy charm, Paul Verhoeven’s interstellar bug hunt has only inspired one tedious strategy game in the eight years since it first tore up cinema screens. All that’s about to change, though, with the arrival of a gun totin’ adventure that puts you right in the thick of the action.

A brutal blaster in the classic Doom mould, Starship Troopers does a fine job of capturing the sense of awe moviegoers experienced when a swarm of bugs first scuttled into view, thrusting players into epic battles where they face overwhelming odds. The game also does justice to the film by recreating the sense of camaraderie that held the story together, players fighting alongside computer-controlled allies in the single player campaign or hooking up with seven mates to tackle the insect invaders.

Granted, the action soon becomes repetitive and doesn’t require the skilful gunplay of Halo 2, but squashing cosmic creepy-crawlies is still enormous fun.