Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

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This is not the sequel you are looking for.


2008’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was nothing short spectacular; an integral part of the Star Wars story cannon that delivered on Jedi thrills and, just as important - narrative. Unfortunately The Force Unleashed II has failed - and on quite a colossal scale - to learn from its predecessor. Scribe Haden Blackman’s script whips from start to finish in a little under five hours with nigh a highlight in sight; so much so, Blackman’s second act consists of flaccid a five-minute jaunt to Dagobah in a crude attempt at shoehorning Yoda into Starkiller’s fable.

Combat is equally disappointing too, particularly during some of the game’s boss battles (and there are only a handful) that, unlike the original, lack a certain sparkle. It feels archaic, a little too pedestrian and far too reliant on an overabundance of contextual button tapping that becomes irksome quite early on in the game. Fortunately there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. LucasArts has re-jigged its game engine, enhancing textures and massively improving on environmental production design that - aesthetically, at least - makes for a staggering Star Wars experience. Given that Blackman walked from the project two month’s before release amid rumblings of rotten staff morale and the canning of Force Unleashed III, we can’t help but wonder if this was a sign of what was to come. Likely, we’ll never know. Make it a rental if you must.

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