Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Review

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The Force Ain't Strong in this One


That's no moon! It's a spin-off of a spin-off and unless you're an absolute diehard fan of the animated TV series you're much better off sticking to the aging LEGO Star Wars games instead. While there's no doubt that Republic Heroes captures the look of Lucas' impressive kids' show, that's about all it gets right. Right from the outset you will be battling not only against a tediously repetitive army of droids, but also some piss-poor camera angles, sticky controls and bad level design.

We naturally thought that pulling on a pair of Jedi-tight leggings and waving a lightsaber around would leave us feeling agile, almost godlike, but instead the shoddy controls make taking on the Separatist forces about as entertaining as mucking out Jabba's toilet. There are moments of excitement and fun but more often than not, it feels like Republic Heroes wants to punish you for just playing the game.

There's a good chance that if your kids (OK, we mean you) still cuddle up to a furry Jawa at night while relaxing under a Luke Skywalker duvet then you'll get a kick out of what's on offer. Everyone else should stick to the Blu-ray of The Clone Wars and pick up the cheap-as-chips LEGO Star Wars games instead. As Yoda would say, "Many redeeming features this game does not have".