Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Image for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Fun superhero romp


While it lacks the dizzying sense of freedom found in the classic 2004 free-roamer Spider-Man 2, Shattered Dimensions still rewards fans by allowing them to get to grips with different versions of the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.

Thanks to an interdimensional shift after some gubbins involving a broken artefact, players can control four different Spideys across time and space; the common-or-garden ‘Amazing’, special move-wielding ‘Ultimate’, futuristic ‘2099’ and stealthy ‘Noir’. And while the crimebusting action in the different dimensions features core web-spinning moves you’ll always rely on – and which sadly tend to become repetitive around the halfway point – the titanic web-hammers used by Amazing, bizarre attacks wielded by Ultimate, towering cityscapes explored by 2099, and vintage world and sneaky challenges that face Noir add variety to the experience, making the adventure a fun ride from beginning to end.

Enemies that follow predictable patterns in every level and a dodgy in-game camera that gets itself in a tangle when you walk along ceilings add a layer of frustration to the experience, and the way all levels are built around the same ‘kill loads of enemies/battle a boss’ structure also mean Shattered Dimensions is far from perfect. But with great dialogue that deftly captures the warm, cheeky spirit of the comicbook, and sharp graphics that will delight Marvel fans, this is still a fun adventure for devoted webheads and anyone who enjoys a decent superhero romp.