Spider-Man 2 Review

Image for Spider-Man 2

Swing around New York fighting a rogue's gallery from the Marvel comics.


After last year’s glorious Spider-Man 2 console spin-off, expectations were high for the web-slinger’s PSP debut. But while the game beautifully captures the spirit of the movie and features a gallery of bonus rogues from the Marvel comics, the thrills are over much too quickly.

Although the action isn’t staged in the huge, free-roaming city seen in the recent PS2 and Xbox games, the 20 brisk levels still allow players to get to grips with all Spidey’s signature moves, including climbing any surface, pummelling enemies with a string of vicious attacks and swinging around New York using the hero’s steely webs.

Sadly, though, hardened fans will have no trouble blasting through the whole adventure in a single sitting, and once you’ve beaten Doc Ock and his minions there’s nothing left to bring you back for more.