Spawn: Armageddon Review

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Another episode for what must surely be one of the most mangled franchises ever.


Aside from the classic comics and a handful of pumped-up action figures, the legacy of Todd McFarlane's Spawn is Mark Dippe's risible movie and HBO's snail-paced cartoon, a situation that isn't helped by the arrival of another monotonous console spin-off.

A thinly veiled copy of Capcom's Devil May Cry, Spawn: Armageddon mixes frantic combat and tricky platform challenges as the demonic vigilante tries to stop the devil's henchmen from destroying the world. Although the fast paced battles are exciting for the first ten minutes, players will soon discover that standing at a safe distance and hammering the shoot button is all it takes to topple even the most belligerent hell-spawn.

Add to that some brutally difficult jumping episodes where one slip means instant death, and pitiful enemy intelligence that robs the game of any challenge, and Armageddon is another missed opportunity to make the most of one of McFarlane's edgy characters.