Sniper Elite Review

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A refreshingly tense and different appraoch to the WWII 1st person actioner


An adventure built on the dubious thrills of picking-off unsuspecting Nazis with a long-range headshot, Sniper Elite is a dramatic departure from the relentless carnage and stellar body-counts of most console blasters.

Playing as an undercover Yankee agent in war-torn Berlin, the game forces players to actually think and act like a sniper; patience is required as you wait for loud noises to disguise the sound of your gunshots, paying attention to your surroundings is vital as you can take out several opponents if you explode the grenade hanging from a soldier’s belt rather than taking on his comrades one-by-one, and at the harder difficulty settings you must take the wind direction and gravity into account before squeezing the trigger. Even your posture can make the difference between the perfect kill and a near-miss, players having to make their digtial sniper hold his breath to remove the smallest shake from the sniper scope.

Intelligent enemies who’ll quickly work out where you’re hiding and the opportunity to fend off rivals with a machine gun when you’re cornered also make Sniper Elite a thrilling romp, but it’s a beautifully-realised vision of the crumbling streets of 1945 Berlin that really make the game stand out from the crowd.