Silent Hill 3 Review

Image for Silent Hill 3

Not one for the kiddywinkies. Genuinely spooky.


Fairgrounds are bright, happy places, filled with children’s laughter, right? Not in Silent Hill. Here torchlight throws eerie shadows off demented horses on the carousel and the grunts of bloated, eyeless monsters grow ever closer.

The third in Konami’s spectacular horror series dumps new character Heather on the edge of the town’s amusement park where, in one of the game’s many highlights, she’s forced to creep past wax-figure tableaux in the Haunted Mansion. For Silent Hill survivors, the new game offers a touch more action (weapons now stretch from switchblade to sub-machine gun) and a
few more clues to the town’s mystery as new areas are explored. What hasn’t changed is the fact that this misty, terrifying landscape is raised to video game genius-level with its atmospheric sound.

Trust us, you won’t see — or hear — anything more frightening on the big or small screen this year.