Saw Review

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It was only a matter of time before Tobin Bell’s puzzle punisher, Jigsaw, made the transition to consoles after sending Halloween box office tills ringing year-on-year (until recently, at least). However, developer Zombie - despite its admirable attempts at transitioning the series from moving pictures to pixels - has been felled by the movie-to-game curse.

Assuming the role of Danny Glover’s Detective Tapp from the first flick (and godfather of modern day torture porn shockers) players awaken in an abandoned and suitably rancid insane asylum tasked with disarming sickening devices, puzzles and ball-busting booby traps. Traversing spooky hallways, you’ll fend off waves of fellow Jigsaw victims - bent on slaughtering you for a key he’s conveniently buried within your innards - with bats, pipes, a mop and, sometimes, a pistol.

The problem is this, Saw not only suffers from an influx of repetition in later levels, it plays home to a horrendously broken combat system (you’ll often perish before inflicting a single blow on an enemy, quickly resorting to gormless button-bashing in order to survive), low-brow visuals, generic level design and soul-sucking stretches that involve electrical circuit-rotation puzzles that must be completed within punishing time-limits. Saw fans: make it a rental if you must.