Saints Row: The Third Review

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National Lampoon's GTA?


If the po-faced seriousness and lack of giddy mayhem in the most recent Grand Theft Auto instalments on current-gen consoles left you feeling a little underwhelmed, then dig deep into those pockets of yours and spare a little change for Volition's third entry in its outrageous open world series, Saints Row.

Tacking wanton destruction, toilet humour and ludicrous missions to a threadbare narrative, Saints Row: The Third is, and always has been, the antithesis to Rockstars' ode to the moving picture and pop culture since it crashed onto consoles in its original choppy form back in 2006. While that same technical scrappiness remains, it's hard not to fault the sheer volume of content the Illinois-based developer has poured into this latest iteration, boasting countless weapons, deep character customisation, co-op play and a plethora of bonkers missions that, while a little sluggish at the outset, become much more fun the further you progress.

While there's an element of recycling from previous entries at work here, the campaign is by far the most enjoyable of the three and the sheer daftness of it all (like beating innocent civvies to death with a gargantuan rubber cock) makes it one of this year's most shamefully enjoyable experiences.