Resident Evil: Outbreak Review

Image for Resident Evil: Outbreak

Outbreak is little more than a triumph of style over content.


Although Resident Evil strikes terror
into the hearts of moviegoers for all the wrong reasons, it’s still one of the most innovative and frightening franchises in gaming history. But, in cutting corners for this release, the publishers have robbed the latest instalment of its biggest thrills.

Originally designed as an online extension of the RE universe, Outbreak allows American and Japanese players to team up and play through a variety of creepy scenarios, working together in groups.

The British edition, however, ditches this option. While the online fun comes from working with friends to outwit brain-hungry ghouls, the computer-controlled companions are endlessly infuriating, often buggering off to do their own thing just when you need them most.

Outbreak will also disappoint fans by moving away from the rich storytelling of earlier editions; by focusing on a group of eight survivors, the plot is spread too thinly to allow individuals to shine. Casual gamers will be impressed by the moody visuals and blood-curdling soundtrack, but without its online escapades, Outbreak is little more than a triumph of style over content.