Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review

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Evil on rails


While Resi fans await with bated breath the arrival of a high-def re-jig of the legendary Resident Evil 2, Capcom somewhat sates their needs with this light gun rendition and sequel to 2007’s Umbrella Chronicles. Encapsulating both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica with one or two nods to benchmark setter Resident Evil 4, Darkside Chronicles pitches players against a swathe of increasingly grotesque enemies including hulking toads, piranhas, moths and hordes of the walking dead as you dash between familiar scenarios culled from the series’ yucky yesteryears.

With the exception of some nauseous camerawork, Darkside Chronicles is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Pointless movements such as head sways with the nunchuk stick have been annexed along with a considerable downsizing of motion-based controls and patience-grating Quick Time Events, paving the way for faster weapon-switching and a (somewhat superfluous) laser dotted sight.

Bolstering an already plush package are lush visuals, lovingly updated for the Wii, multiple run and gun routes riddled with secrets, and a devilishly addictive co-op mode unashamedly built for nights of the living room dead. All that’s missing - and presumably Capcom is tinkering with the idea - is a killer online mode. Gloriously gory entertainment.