Resident Evil 0 Review

Image for Resident Evil 0

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll mess your kecks.


Set just before the events in the first Resident Evil, this prequel sends you to discover the origins of the ravenous undead roaming the dark countryside of Racoon City, while avoiding having your throat ripped out by peckish zombies.

The basic structure of the game is identical to previous Resident Evil incarnations: solve puzzles, find objects, blow the heads off monsters. The difference here is that you control two characters at once, giving you the option of having one person tag along behind to cover your back, or split the two to complete puzzles in separate rooms. The graphics seamlessly blend the characters into the detailed backgrounds, while the sparse use of music (screeching violins and eerie child choirs) only adds to the almost constant tension. The animated cut scenes that expound the plot are also stunning in their detail, putting many cinematic efforts to shame in terms of both narrative and direction.

It’s not quite perfect — there’s a little too much aimless wandering and some puzzles are repetitive — but it’s a highly engaging and atmospheric game and, additionally, an extremely powerful laxative.