Red Dead Revolver Review

Image for Red Dead Revolver

A hero that looks like Clint, in a world that pays homage to Leone's Spaghetti Westerns.


After a close run in with the gallows when original developer Capcom dropped the project, Red Dead Revolver was given a last minute reprieve by Rockstar, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto. But while the game boasts the same slick style as it's millions-selling stablemate, RDR feels slack and unfinished by comparison.

Set in a desert world that pays homage to Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns - and with a hero who looks exactly like Clint - RDR allows gamers to play six rootin' tootin' characters, ride horses, master the quick draw and take part in a classic tale of revenge as the hero hunts the varmints who killed his kinfolk.

Despite the developer's clear love of the genre, the game is let down by chunky graphics, jerky animation and a frustrating story in which peripheral characters are are underdeveloped in favour of the gunslinging hero, making for a detached experience where you don't really care what happens.

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