Ratatouille Review

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Vermin in a spin


Now we’re no licensing experts, but when you have a movie that revolves around the preparation of food - and actively promotes healthy eating - you’d expect the developers behind Ratatouille to have created something along the lines of Wii’s Cooking Mama, capturing the essence of the film and helping enforce the story’s positive messages.

Sadly, despite their inspirational source material, the tsunami of Ratatouille spin-offs on every conceivable format are just more of the same kiddy-friendly, garish platforming rubbish that’s tortured long-suffering parents since the dawn of digital entertainment.

But while the shamelessly formulaic action is enough to earn the game a paltry score, it’s the sloppy controls that offend most; pressing a button to ‘stick’ to ledges, tightropes and so on is an important part of the action, but the controls are so diarrhetically loose that you’ll often miss the sweet-spot and plummet unceremoniously to your death. And with shoddy graphics and a camera that never stays where you want it to, Ratatouille feels like it was rushed into stores three months before it was finished.