Peter Jackson's King Kong Review

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Still a thrilling, blockbuster ride.. but still a ride, with no freedom to get off and look around...


Although most gamers were bowled over by King Kong’s dramatic action and scenes of monkey carnage on the PS2 and Xbox, the fact the game steers you down a cramped, linear route left many yearning for more freedom to explore the game’s lush natural worlds. Sadly, on the 360 this feeling of being led by the hand is even more acute.

While ruining raptors and twatting T-Rexes is still exciting, looking around the atmospheric worlds teases players with alternative paths and out-of-reach areas that simply can’t be accessed, making you yearn for the flexibility to hop off the route dictated by the game designers and make your own way. And while this was forgivable on older consoles – where all the processing power was clearly used to create a bombastic, cinematic experience – it would’ve been a bonus for 360 players to have more control over the trail they choose.

For blockbuster movie thrills and edge-of-your-seat excitement, King Kong is still a solid choice. But don’t expect any extras for the 360’s hiked-up price tag.