Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Review

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Exhilirating driving sim that defines wild ride.


Despite the lack of retail success for the original Outrun 2, Sega have thankfully still seen fit to release this latest addition to the series' extended family. Coast 2 Coast continues the long-standing Outrun tradition of eschewing realism and instead allowing you to buckle-up, blonde in tow and fling a Ferrari around lengthy corners without a second's thought for life-like handling.

The most notable new feature new here is the introduction of slip-streaming, which enables you to utilise your speedier opponent’s meagre lead to your advantage. It is a solid addition and adds a welcome hint of strategic play. As you fly around the tracks, wind in your hair, joys occur around every lengthy bend, whether it be a straight race, or one of the numerous testing challenges, which range from keeping your wild drifting turn within a certain portion of the track, through to avoiding the glare of flying saucers overhead. It's not the most accurate driving sim out there, nor does it have any aspirations to be, but this is an exhilarating ride from start to finish.