Ninety-Nine Nights Review

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Very disappointing despite decent graphics.


With a year’s head-start on the competition, Microsoft is in a unique position to dazzle gamers with the Xbox 360 and coax them away from the forthcoming PS3 and Wii. But if the console behemoth keeps churning out rubbish like this, its latest box of tricks will squander its chance to edge ahead of the pack.

Rather than offering anything unique, Ninety-Nine Nights resorts to the sort of button-bashing tedium that went out of fashion a decade ago, the battles failing to offer any of the strategy evident in Koei’s Dynasty Warriors and instead expecting players to be happy hitting the same two buttons ad nauseam. An uninspiring plot and shocking enemy intelligence don’t help matters, preventing the imaginative graphics from justifying Ninety-Nine Nights’ premium price tag.