NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams Review

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Some things are better left to nostalgia...


Like unexploded bombs, snakes and jailbait, some things are letter left untouched; a lesson nostalgic NiGHTS fans will wish the developers had heeded before resurrecting the hallowed series.

A motion-sensitive reworking of the 1996 Sega Saturn classic beloved of gaming geeks and graphic designers, Into Dreams carries across many of the elements that still give older players a warm glow, including ingenious art design, imaginative monsters, and nippy, flight-based gameplay that feels like Sonic The Hedgehog with wings and becomes ludicrously satisfying when you master the controls.

But while the Wii’s gesture-based interface would seem like a perfect way to reinvent the game, the controls have been clumsily implemented, making the action unnecessarily frustrating and easier to handle using the traditional thumbstick. The sluggish on-foot platforming sections – and a tedious selection of challenges that feel like padding to bulk out an otherwise brief adventure – also do little to justify this update, and although the multiplayer races are fun, the Animal Crossing-style My Dream online mode is achingly dull and will only appeal to younger players with too much time on their hands.