Need For Speed Underground 2 Review

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With first-person, gun-totin' titles becoming more and more ubiquitous and the quality in steady decline, a title like Cold Winter arrives like manna from shoot-em-up heaven. The game places you as disowned agent Andrew Sterling, locked behind bars somewhere in China. An accomplice gives provides early hints at how to bust out of this new home; whether you can trust her or not, however, only time and an intrigue-heavy plot will tell. The early passages - borrowed from Doom with a touch of Silent Hill gloom - require stealth and skill, but thanks to an intuitive control system controlling Agent Sterling is never an exercise in frustration. Which is a lifesaver given how punishingly difficult the later levels can be. Cut scenes featuring students from the Balsawood School of Acting don’t match up to the rest of the game, but it’s a small price to pay for such an encompassing FPS. A warm summer is on the way, but Cold Winter may see you spending most of it indoors.