Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight Review

Image for Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight

Could this be PS3's worst release to date?


Although Gundam is practically a religion in Japan - with almost 500,000 arcade machines spread across the islands’ countless arcades - giant robots knocking seven bells out of each other have so far failed to ignite the imagination of Western gamers. And if Target In Sight is anything to go by, Gundam won’t be bewitching British players any time soon.

Despite running on the world’s most powerful console, Target In Sight feels awkward, apathetic and dated; when they’re not zipping around on booster rockets, the massive mechs move with all the grace of Shaun Ryder wading through treacle, and the fact the action chugs to a halt when there’s a lot happening on-screen is unforgivable given the PS3’s prodigious processing power. The game’s bland presentation is also inexcusable, the beautifully-designed robots scrapping in barren landscapes that look like something from a four-year-old PS2 game.

The lack of online content and a plot that will be unintelligible to anyone except hardened Gundam geeks also conspire to make Target In Sight a shameful release, and the PS3’s worst game by a country mile.

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