The Matrix: Path Of Neo Review

Image for The Matrix: Path Of Neo

After all the disappointing spinoffs, this truly is the one.


Six years after the original movie set cinemas alight, Path Of Neo is the Matrix adventure that fans have been waiting for.

Playing like a director’s cut of the trilogy, Path Of Neo finally lets you play as Keanu Reeves’ messianic hero, picking up at the beginning of the first movie – where you get to see what Neo is dreaming about in front of his monitor – and working through every major Matrix set-piece.

Peppered with footage re-cut by the Wachowskis, the game fills in blanks from the films and lets you take part in Neo’s virtual training, or even steer parts of the story in your own direction.

The action often shudders when the screen is swarming with enemies and it’s easy to muddle through the early stages by randomly hammering the attack buttons, but for sheer excitement and the chance to master hundreds of absurd kung fu moves, it’s easy to forgive the game’s flaws.