Mass Effect 3 Review

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Absolutely Massive


From the off, BioWare’s trilogy-capping epic proves it’s all about choices. Choose to play the game as a full-on action game, a traditional RPG or even all but forsake combat to focus on a story mode – it’s all up to you. How you then play the game – opting for virtuous Paragon or take-no-guff Renegade roles, or something in between – only further illustrates the freedom you’ll enjoy.

Though the game offers a deeper experience to those returning from previous entries, the opening chapter brings newcomers quickly up to speed on the plot. You’re now-legendary hero Commander Shepard, an ancient enemy called Reapers are out to kill every living thing in the galaxy, go save the day.

Along the way, you’ll find one of the finest examples of sheer craftsmanship that the medium of video games has ever offered. Mass Effect 3 blends incredibly cinematic moments – including a few set pieces that would make Michael Bay weep – with genuine emotional depth. It looks absolutely stunning too, boasts a soundtrack that literally hits all the right notes, and is capped off with amazing performances by its voice cast. There’s really very little to find fault with, and it’s a shining example of what gaming can offer.

In fact, the only heavy criticism we can launch at Mass Effect 3 is that it does rely on presumed knowledge in its gameplay. Tutorials introduce the mechanics of shooting and using biotic abilities, but never quite explain what they are or how best to use them. A minor demerit though, considering the vast majority of players will indeed be long-time fans. Even then, beginners will soon be issuing commands to Shepard’s squadmates, an intuitive sub-menu allowing you to switch weapons or use abilities in a flash.

It’s only March, so it would be foolish to declare Mass Effect 3 “Game of the Year” yet – but let’s just say the next nine months have a lot to live up to…