Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

Image for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel's civil war comes to your console


Spider-Man! Hulk! Human Torch! Wolverine! Daredevil! Iron Man…! If those names have inadvertently started a fanboy party in your trousers, you may as well slap four-stars on UA2 and get down to some savage superhero scrapping. But for those unmoved by Marvel’s inky wonders, this paen to Lycra and muscles is a bewildering, dated and often repetitive experience.

Based on Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ plot – where the superhero community is split by a new government initiative that requires masked vigilantes to reveal their secret identities – UA2 is a marked improvement on its predecessor, the relentless combat enhanced with smoother controls, dialogue sequences that offer brief respite from the carnage, and the ability for heroes to combine their skills in titanic ‘fusions’ that can destroy an army of enemies in a single strike.

But while the game looks fantastic – and the developers have put a lot of love into making Marvel’s heroes as convincing as possible – at its heart UA2 is still an old-fashioned, button-bashing brawler; and while the chaotic action is spine-tingingly exciting for the first few battles, the game’s brutal grind will soon become tiresome for all but the hardiest comicbook devotee.