Kung Fu Panda Review

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Hey, it's a movie tie-in that's really rather good


After ploughing through dozens of worthless movie spin-offs each year, there isn’t a games reviewer on the planet who won’t feel bile rising in the back of their throat when sliding Kung Fu Panda into their console. But while this kiddie combat romp is no Metal Gear Solid 4, against all odds it really isn’t that bad.

Although KFP is ridiculously easy – and any gamer worth their salt will be able to nail the entire adventure in a single sitting – the game offers younger players tremendous variety, blending exploration, fighting and platforming elements into a retina-sizzling cartoon adventure that never becomes stale. Extra depth comes in being able to upgrade your hero’s attacks by spending coins collected during the game, and optional side-quests in most levels mean that it’s worth playing through the adventure again, a Godsend for hassled parents who’ll feel obliged to buy their offspring a new game once they’ve cracked this one.

A variety of solid multiplayer modes – sadly not playable online – also make KFP one of the best movie tie-ins for children so far this year. And while anyone too old to know who Roly Mo is will finish the game with their eyes closed, this is a fine digital babysitter for the long summer months.