James Bond 007: Quantum Of Solace Review

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It's sexy but not suave...


For a taste of what it’s like to play Quantum Of Solace, the reviewer’s friend –a handy food analogy – does the trick… It’s much like a KFC; there are no surprises, it follows a recipe that’s been popular for yonks and, despite the protestations of a handful of critics, most people will love it. But for anyone searching for a 007 game to rival the N64’s glorious GoldenEye, Bond’s latest caper will leave you hungry for more.

Like a homage to the most successful action games of the last five years, QoS blends the balls-out blasting of Halo, sneaky subterfuge of Splinter Cell, and fast paced, Simon Says-style button sequences first seen in God Of War. Moreover, in keeping with the game’s slick source, the graphics and cinematic presentation are stunning, including an eerily realistic digital double of Daniel Craig that perfectly embodies the actor’s physical take on Ian Fleming’s suave spy.

For hardened gamers, though, QoS offers nothing in the way of originality or innovation, the clichéd action throwing the game’s failings – including jarring flips from third-to first-person viewpoints, and a bewildering lack of driving challenges – into sharp relief, making QoS an enjoyable, if strangely unfulfilling, experience.