Iron Man: The Official Videogame Review

Image for Iron Man: The Official Videogame

It's a cash-in catastrophe...


While most Marvel fans will be baffled by Iron Man¹s ham-fisted storytelling, shoddy presentation and bland environments, the most ironic thing about this blockbuster spin-off is that it makes you feel more like the Incredible Hulk than the titular Shellhead So! Very! Angry!

While much of this frustration is borne from the game’s awkward targeting system that automatically locks on your closest enemy ­ whether they’re a danger to you or not ­ what will have most players grinding their teeth in frustration is how Iron Man is relentlessly pounded by missiles. Even the simplest mission becoming acutely irritating as you try to avoid the endless stream of lethal fireworks rogering your hero.

Worst of all, anyone looking for a sharp recreation of Jon Favreau’s flick will be sorely disappointed. Plucking random scenes and set-pieces from the movie to create a shonky narrative means the story is disjointed and nonsensical. Equally, while Robert Downey Jr made for a convincing superhero on the big screen, the actor seems bored and listless when delivering his videogame lines, expertly stripping any sense of excitement from this insipid blaster.