Infamous Review

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The perfect superhero adventure


Ditching the sleepy platforming and brawling traditions most game developers plump for when bringing deific daredevils to life, InFamous is the closest thing to the perfect superhero adventure since 2004’s glorious Spider-Man 2.

Like the web head’s freeform adventure, InFamous offers players a huge and vibrant city to explore, with the essential missions that drive the story forward punctuated by optional challenges, random skirmishes and a demanding populace struggling to come to terms with Armageddon, constantly tempting players off the beaten path and revealing the incredible depth, scale and colour of the game’s grim urban sprawl.

And while the thrill of having the freedom to explore the city and tackle the adventure in any way you choose makes players feel like a superpowered vigilante – and the hero’s electrifying special powers are terrific fun to use – InFamous’ morality system refines the familiar blockbuster formula, allowing you to choose a path of good or evil as the plot unfolds and earn different endings depending on the virtual life you lead.