Gitaroo Man Lives Review

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Cross between a fighting game and Guitar Hero...


In a market dominated by racers, brawlers and annual updates of the biggest-selling sports simulations, it’s encouraging when a developer throws caution to the wind and releases something that’s completely out of step with current trends. And for PSP owners looking for a unique experience, the quirky Japanese nonsense of Gitaroo Man Lives! is a charming yet solid alternative.

This part-sequel/part-re-release of 2002’s somewhat-difficult-to-come-by PS2 original once again follows the mild-mannered student U-1, who discovers that he is the last survivor of Planet Gitaroo, and as such will be sought out by many an interstellar foe. Essentially a mix between the fighting fracas of Tekken or Street Fighter and the rhythm action of Guitar Hero, Koei’s adaptation of Gitaroo Man to the PSP gets players copying guitar cords using the handheld console’s analogue ’nub’ to defeat waves of these evil musicians and save the world.Hilarious, compelling and utterly bonkers, this is an ideal alternative for gamers bored with the rest of the PSP’s largely vapid library.