F-Zero GX Review

Image for F-Zero GX

Futuristic racing so fast it could make your eyes bleed.


While it’s always been overshadowed by platform-hopping plumbers and go-cart-riding monkeys, Nintendo’s F-Zero series is one of the most consistently innovative and thrilling licences in the Japanese behemoth’s back catalogue.

Now updated and unleashed on the ’Cube, F-Zero GX takes the lightning-paced futuristic racing to a new level of excellence, offering the most intense races on any console and action so fast it could make your eyes bleed. Staged on rollercoaster-style tracks in a variety of alien worlds, F-Zero GX pits players against 29 rivals in an insane dash to collect cups and unlock championships.

Like previous editions, the game is brought to life by intuitive controls that give players precise command at speeds over 1,500km/h. Meanwhile, the new story elements add depth to the gameplay and personality to the hitherto silent competitors. Slick graphics and unnervingly intelligent enemies also help make F-Zero GX one of the most exciting games on the shelves, but it’s so bastard-hard that many gamers will struggle to get past level three.