Dungeon Siege III Review

Image for Dungeon Siege III

Hack ‘n’ slash


Dungeon crawler obsessives hoping to fill the void between now and the stratospheric arrival of Bethesda’s RPG juggernaut, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can do exactly that with Obsidian Entertainment’s Dungeon Siege III. A sword and sorcery nut’s oasis, Dungeon Siege III is, like its predecessors, part action and part RPG, hurling you into a fantastical world that can be traversed using one of four character classes. There’s a brawler, mage, ranged attacker and a fourth character who has the ability to battle at both long and close range wielding a rifle and dual shotguns.

Like every dungeon crawler that has come before it, the core objective is simple – hack, slash and skewer hordes of enemies en route to levelling up. Thankfully, Obsidian has turned a normally monotonous task into something a little more satisfying by tweaking the standard mechanics; enemies are incredibly varied and core characters house a raft of slick attacks in battle coupled with a useful dodging ability.

Where Dungeon Siege III begins to falter is in its half-hearted loot system and slightly tedious plot (despite some solid vocal performances from the cast). Still, if you’re aching for a fantasy fix before Bethesda’s beast rolls out, then Dungeon Siege is probably it.