Dragon Age: Origins Review

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Role-playing genius...with dragons.


As the spiritual successor to the beloved Baldur’s Gate – and delivered by Bioware, the coders behind role-playing classics Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic – it’s little wonder that RPG fanboys have been wetting themselves in anticipation of Dragon Age: Origins. But while a five-star score is no surprise given the game’s pedigree, what’s most remarkable is how Bioware has refused to rest on its laurels, and has instead polished and tweaked every aspect of its complex approach to blockbuster swashbuckling.

The hardest of hardcore RPGs, Origins’ greatest triumph is how it makes players invest in their hero; rather than throwing you straight into the action, players must first create a character from scratch and work through hours of backstory that sets the scene for the quest ahead, making the unfolding tale utterly compelling. The fact every decision you make has consequences that may come back to haunt you also helps create a world that’s deeply convincing despite its fantastical dragons, orcs and zombies, and the game’s mature approach – which sees you getting involved in political intrigue, romance and class struggles – also help Origins shine as one of the most intense and affecting role-players in years.

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