The Day After Review

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Tricky but rewarding dose of apocalyptic strategy


Welcome to the 1960s – Baby boomers’ nuclear nightmares have come to life as mushroom clouds sprout across the globe, laying everything to waste. The UN is no more and if things couldn’t get any worse, the world’s armies have unexpectedly grouped into 4 opposing factions, each intent on some boundary-shifting, land-grabbing, blow-everything-up action.

The Day After places you in the midst of this apocalyptic turmoil and has you pledge allegiance to Chinese or Russian armies, a separatist French-German unit or a combined Anglo-American force. That done, a lengthy but necessary tutorial (the game is a minefield of menus and sub-menus so pay attention) will lead you into the jingoistic task at hand.

The gameplay melds turn-based and real time strategy through a tricky-to-master interface that may cause more than a few tears as your men come under fire and you struggle to get all your tanks facing the same way.

Combining historical news footage with impressive graphics and enough detail to sate even diehard military fans, The Day After succeeds in drawing you into its heady nightmare of a past that never was. It's a Risk veteran's dream and weekend fun for TA reserves everywhere.