Dark Sector Review

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All punch, no love...


Four years we’ve been waiting for Dark Sector. Four years! Christ, they even managed to knock out the Lord Of The Rings trilogy quicker than that. Sadly, despite the game’s protracted development time, the coders seem to have lost sight of how to construct a gripping story, instead delivering a lacklustre adventure that’s heavy on violent thrills, but lacks any emotional punch.

Dark Sector’s USP is that the hero has a bladed weapon sprouting from his arm, a deadly boomerang that can be used to solve puzzles, steal weapons or slice heads clean off in an outrageous display of gore. Even better, as the game unfolds you can actually steer the blade through the air using an onboard camera, bringing the slaughter up close and personal and making the decapitations deliriously thrilling.

But despite its giddy dismemberment, Dark Sector is hampered by an incomprehensible plot that does nothing to bring you closer to the sullen hero, making it hard to care about his fate and meaning you probably won’t reach the end credits before being lured away by the sublime GTA IV.