Dante’s Inferno Review

Image for Dante’s Inferno

Time to raise hell


EA’s Visceral Games is undoubtedly a developer at the top of its game delivering putrid pixels with a Zero G twist in the deep space terror trip, Dead Space and now this: Dante’s Inferno, a loosely based riff on the 14th century Italian poem by Dante Alighieri. Slathered with a sticky serving of the red stuff, Inferno is a stunningly presented paean to the rip-roaring template laid down by Sony Santa Monica’s blistering God of War button bashers.

Thrusting you into the nine concentric rings of the damned Visceral reworks the original fable with Dante now cutting a bloody swathe through hell to redeem himself and save the soul of his dead lover, Beatrice, while at the same time capturing much of the source text’s grotesque imagery with a little assistance from Hellboy II monster maestro, Wayne Barlow.

Wielding death’s scythe you’ll battle razor taloned babies, tortured souls, demon temptresses and a slew of nightmare inducing creatures across twisted terrains with a flurry of upgradable combo and magical attacks. With a solid peppering of puzzles and eye-popping boss brawls Dante’s is a must for 360 owners and the perfect primer for PS3 pluggers awaiting the imminent arrival of God of War III.