Dance Factory Review

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Dance game which allows you to dance to your own tunes


While only the dead and terminally miserable could fail to be charmed by Konami’s Dancing Stage, even the most dedicated bump-and-grinder will soon tire of its bland Euro pop and irritating chart hits. But in allowing you to boogie to your own tunes, Dance Factory may be the only dance mat game you’ll ever need.

Once Dance Factory loads the game runs entirely from the PS2 memory, freeing up the console’s disc drive to accommodate your own music CDs. The game’s unique ‘beat recognition technology’ then analyses the tracks you choose, magically choreographing dance moves and letting you to move your feet to any style of music.

The only downside is that it takes more than a minute to convert songs from CD, which brings the action screeching to a halt and makes Dance Factory difficult to use when you’ve got an impatient crowd to entertain. But as you can save generated moves to a memory card for future use, a little patience and planning will let you create a personalised playlist that will keep you grooving for months.