Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Image for Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Sickos of the world rejoice...


As this month’s magazine went to press, Condemned 2 was set for release as planned. But if the same censors who made such a hoo-hah about Manhunt 2 get hold of it, this could well be another death-fest you’ll have to import from less draconian shores.

Like its predecessor, the action in Bloodshot is brutal and uncompromising, with handheld combat being the order of the day and allowing players to use anything that comes to hand as a weapon, from discarded bricks to broken bottles. More disturbingly, as much of the action is staged in the dark underbelly of a modern city, many of the people whose heads you’ll stove in with a breezeblock are drug addicts and vagrants, making the action feel more savage and disturbing than in any other first-person adventure you’d care to mention.

The game’s improved CSI-style forensic investigations and sharp visuals go a long way to making Bloodshot more friendly for a general audience, but, like Manhunt, this is a game for sickos, and it won’t charm anyone weaned on wholesome quests peddled by the likes of Nintendo.