Charlie's Angels Review

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Vacuous game about a vacuous movie.


Like its movie namesake, the video game version of the hipster-clad crime fighters is all surface gloss and no substance.

The cut scene that opens the game suggests that this will be a slickly-produced bit of fun with smooth animation and the girls ably voiced by Diaz, Liu and Barrymore (Bernie Mac was apparently too busy/sensible to lend his vocals).That is, until the game proper starts up and the lithe Angels are replaced by what appear to be Russian shot-putters in micro-bikinis who run like Emu with gout through irritatingly linear environments.

The gameplay is crashingly boring, with a constant punch, punch, kick, kick repetition as various bad guys galumph towards the girls, attempting to stop them rescuing the stolen Statue Of Liberty (yes, really). Still, a dull, vacuous game about a dull, vacuous movie makes sense.