Call of Duty 3 Review

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Even really.


What do you do when your last game was a hit on every console, won global acclaim, and was heralded as the only Xbox 360 title worth owning at launch? More of the same, of course, only better. While COD2’s battles only supported teams of eight, 24 players can now take to the battlefields simultaneously, where they’ll find the experience has been enhanced with a greater variety of environments that encourage different strategies, and driveable vehicles that bring extra energy to online skirmishes.

The single-player game, although largely the same, has also been given a makeover,
with more of the epic set-pieces that make the COD series irresistible — tanks crashing across fields, planes smashing into church spires and the like — along with occasional
hand-to-hand struggles where you have to press a sequence of buttons to wrestle your rifle from the grip of a screaming Nazi. Nothing revolutionary, then, but COD still leads the charge when it comes to recreating the brutality of World War II combat.