Burnout: Revenge Review

Image for Burnout: Revenge

The height of mean racing games


With demonic dashes through crowded city streets – and an unhealthy focus on catastrophic crashes – Burnout has quickly earned a reputation as the fiercest, most aggressive gear-grinder on the shelves. But if you thought Burnout 3 was mean, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For this latest edition the crashes have been taken to devastating new heights, allowing players to use innocent motorists as weapons; slamming into the rear-end of a non-racing vehicle, for example, will send it flipping over your head and into the road behind, crushing rivals who are sucking on your exhaust pipe and blocking the way for any racers lagging behind.

The labyrinthine courses have also been tweaked for Revenge, each one now packed with sly short-cuts and alternative routes that can be used to edge ahead of the pack. And as many of these routes lead to dramatic jump-off points that allow you to land on rivals and crush them into dust, Revenge is one of the most thrilling PS2 racers around.