Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Review

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Speedy sequel hasn't moved on


Arriving only six months after the first Brothers In Arms, Earned In Blood sets a new record for the swiftest sequel in gaming history. But while the adventure boasts the beautiful presentation and punchy action that made the first game an international hit, EIB’s speedy arrival means it’s virtually identical to its illustrious predecessor.

As before, the game does an incredible job of blending the fast-paced thrills of a blaster like Doom with the squad dynamics of Rainbow Six,
challenging players to pin down enemies with suppressing fire then dispatch their trigger-happy comrades to finish the job. The original game’s cinematic presentation also helps bring the sequel to life, the action punctuated by beautifully-scripted sequences that help you become attached to your battlefield buddies and making the whole package feel like an episode of HBO’s explosive series Band Of Brothers.

Sadly, though, EIB feels more like an expansion pack than a genuine sequel, and even though the enhanced enemy intelligence and new characters make for a thrilling experience, it simply isn’t enough to warrant a purchase if you
own the original.