Bomberman Review

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The explosive hero makes his leap to the DS


Fifteen years after his destructive debut on NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 (remember that?), Bomberman has become one of the most enduring icons in gaming history. But as the volatile fella’s first DS outing is only worth having for its multiplayer mode, this explosive romp isn’t the quite blast fans were hoping for.

For head-to-head action, this edition is flawless; up to eight players can take part in the classic Battle Mode using a single cartridge and the DS’
wireless connection, making for frantic fights that are spread across the console’s dual screens, doubling the traditional playing area and creating dozens of new ways to blow your rivals to smithereens.

But if it’s single player thrills you’re looking for, Bomberman DS simply fizzles out. Although the game is packed with new elements such as teleporters, conveyor belts and panels that can resurrect fallen Bombermen, the fact that you can now stockpile special attacks and unleash them at will – rather than activating power-ups the moment you collect them, as in Hudson’s classic games – the solo experience is much too simple and poses little challenge for seasoned fans.