Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Review

Image for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

The combat giant of PC successfully crosses over to consoles.


As the first Battlefield game to roll onto consoles, there’s a lot riding on Modern Combat. For the most part, though, this is exactly what fans wanted.

Unlike its PC cousins, Modern Combat features a deep single-player mode where you can swap between US and Chinese forces as they clash in Kazakhstan, the action punctuated by fake newscasts that offer two very different perspectives.

Crucially, though, the online game is just as compelling as its PC predecessors, allowing 24 players to hook up for battles in a range of beautifully designed levels — each packed with sneaky spots from where you can pick off your rivals — also allowing you to control a range of beefed-up military vehicles including helicopters and troop-crushing tanks. A great military exercise.