Alien Vs Predator: Requiem Review

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Monster trash...


With 2001’s slick Aliens Vs Predator 2 a dim and distant memory, this titanic clash of franchises has become shorthand for lazy cash-ins and shoddy game design. But while we might have hoped for a return to form here, Requiem is just as abhorrent as its immediate predecessors.

For starters, the linear action is crushingly dull, requiring players to do little more than lumber through a series of shadowy rooms, butcher some pesky xenomorphs, then repeat the whole sorry process ad nauseam.

Even worse, any sense of challenge has been stripped from the game as it’s virtually impossible to die, and even the most fearsome extraterrestrial armies can be toppled by simply walking backwards and hammering everything that moves with your shoulder-mounted cannon. A frustrating camera, tedious multiplayer modes, unimaginative graphics, and vital objects that become lost in the drab backgrounds also help to make Requiem one of the most offensive games on the PSP.