Harrison Ford Joins The Yellowstone Universe In 1923 Trailer

1923 trailer

by Ben Travis |
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Over the past four years, Taylor Sheridan has been working up quite the TV universe with his Yellowstone saga. The main show – now entering its fifth season – is a contemporary cowboy saga starring Kevin Costner as Montana rancher John Dutton III, earning growing acclaim and a sizeable viewership. From there, the series has expanded into historical spin-offs exploring the Dutton family history, with 1883 starring Sam Elliott (confirmed: it’s a Western) arriving last year, establishing the origins of the Yellowstone Dutton ranch and introducing Tim McGraw’s James Dutton – great-great-grandfather to Costner’s John Dutton III. Now, get ready to skip ahead 40 years to 1923 in a series titled, well, 1923, starring the one and only Harrison Ford as James’ brother Jacob and Helen Mirren as his wife Cara.

Yee, and indeed, haw. With an ultra-starry leading duo, a juicy period of history (the end of the Wild West! Prohibition! The Great Depression!), and an action-packed first look, it looks like Sheridan and his team have cooked up a tantalising tale while looking 99 years into the past. The show is expected to run for two seasons, each consisting of eight episodes – the first of which is now confirmed to reach UK audiences on 19 December, streaming on Paramount+.

For fans of the show, there’s plenty more to come. Beyond the central Yellowstone series, another present-day spin-off series titled 6666 (set on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas) is currently in the works, while potential ‘40s and ‘60s spin-offs have also been mooted. Saddle up, everyone.

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